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Remixing Obstacles into Opportunities

Let's see where these remixes lead us! The password is o2o (think obstacles to opportunities - that will help you remember the password.)


These resources will be the "thinking pieces " to use to come up with ideas. If each of us add our own links this will be helpful when we are called upon to justify, explain, talk about , or educate. They can be helpful to spark a quick printout or flier for those who do not use the web. They could be used as a quick email to add more to the learning.


Contribute letters that could be uses as samples of letters to the editor, ways to get colleagues onboard, ways to show administrators the poetential, etc.


This is just an initial start. Share your ideas on the thinktank page. Share your thoughts, ideas, and resources. Lets be proactive!


Here's the beginning:


Links to blog posts


Links to other resources


Links to presentations


Links to samples


Thinktank Page

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